Exchange Listing

We are excited to announce that HDDcoin is getting listed on! This will be an achievement of our first Q4 milestone.

In the coming days, we’ll be providing an update on the timeline on when this listing will occur, as well as a guidance on the initial valuation of HDD.

We are always working hard to provide Farmers and all holders of HDD with the best experience possible — through technology, community and opportunities — and an exchange listing for HDD is part of this enhanced experience.

HDDcoin’s own cryptocurrency, HDD, along with its lowest denomination, Bytes, (similar to Bitcoin and Satoshi) can be traded on a Peer 2 Peer basis or via specialty platforms, which only allow trades between Chia based trading pairs.

Other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are tradable on widely used exchanges with many different trading pairs.

Due to the limited discoverability of the specialty trading platforms, trading volume between owners of HDD is light; consequently, the price discovery that can put a market value on HDD varies widely, and is inaccurate.

The ultimate solution that will give HDD Farmers, Holders, Traders and Investors access to fair pricing and high liquidity in trading is to list HDD at an existing high-ranking exchange with a large user base, which features many cryptocurrency trading pairs, including the top ten cryptocurrencies.

The first Q4 goal on our Road Map is to have HDD listed on a mid-tier exchange that has a good reputation, trading volumes, and customer support.


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Next, head to your Security center to set up your Security profile and other optional features including:

  • Updating your Login and Security passwords.
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  • Updating your Login Policy.
  • Enabling Google Authentication.
  • Completing your Real Name authentication to expand your deposit and withdrawing privileges.

Exchange Listing Contests


Price guessing to celebrate HDD/USDT pair listing
Contest Details:
  • Contest Channel: #contests-hdd-price channel
  • Prize Pool:  300 HDD (split between those all winners)
  • Starting Date: October 13, 2021
  • Ending Date: When we announce the initial HDD listing price.
  • How to Enter Contest: Post the USDT amount you think HDDcoin will list at in the #contests-hdd-price channel.
Contest Rules:
  • Double entries are not allowed (otherwise we’ll use your last entry).
  • Prize pool is 300 HDD (split between those who guessed the correct amount in USDT).
  • Enter by posting in contests the USDT amount you think HDDcoin will list at.
  • Contest ends when we announce the initial listing price.


Meme/Emoji to celebrate the HDD/USDT pair listing
Contest Details:
  • Contest Channel: #contests-meme-emoji channel
  • Prize Pool:  200 HDD (split between the top 5 winners)
  • Starting Date: October 17, 2021
  • Ending Date: When we announce the initial HDD listing price.
  • How to Enter Contest: Post a custom Emoji/Meme about the listing in the #contests-meme-emoji channel
Contest Rules:
  • Must have the word HDD or HDDcoin or show the HDDcoin logo.
  • Should be relevant to the listing exercise.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • Prize pool is 200 HDD (split between the top 5 entries).
  • Contest ends when we announce the initial listing price.
  • Winners will be decided by Moderators and Admins.

HDDcoin is an eco-friendly decentralization blockchain, inspired by Chia, and based on the Proof of Space and Time consensus that maintains network robustness, in line with Satoshi Nakamoto’s principles.

We are reshaping the global financial system through the power of blockchain technology, powered by thousands of nodes maintained by the community, and with transparency and commitment to the environment.

Our Roadmap will take us from a TestNet and MainNet launch to Netspace growth, to getting listed on top-tier Exchanges to special programs and release of applications to run on the HDDcoin blockchain.

Head over to our Download page to download and install our client software via the provided binary installers for your operating system, or directly from the source code in GitHub.

Farming HDDcoin does not consume significant amounts of electricity, since it utilizes hard drive space, instead of specialized computing hardware like most Proof of Work blockchains.

We have partnered with one of the most highly respected names in crypto-pooling, Foxy-Pool, to offer our farmers the opportunity to farm our coin as a member of a reputable pool.


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