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Get started with farming HDDcoin

The latest released version of HDDcoin is v2.0.2 (build number: 2.0.2).

You can install HDDcoin via the provided binary installers for your operating system, or directly from the source code. Please only download and install HDDcoin from the official sources — our Website or GitHub repository.

Exchange Trading

HDD available for trading on Exchange

The HDD/USDT pair is currently trading on, a top-30 Exchange with great reputation, trading volumes, and customer support. Click here to start trading today. has over 2 million registered users, more than 200,000 active users monthly, and more than 7 million users in its ecosystem.

HDDcoin Pooling

Farm HDD as a member of our new Pool

We have partnered with one of the most highly respected names in crypto-pooling, Foxy-Pool, to offer our farmers the opportunity to farm our coin as a member of a reputable pool.

Now you can receive a guaranteed amount of HDD daily based on your Earning Capacity (from partials).

HDDcoin HODL Program

Lock in your coins and get rewards

HDDcoin HODL offers Coin Holders the opportunity to earn rewards on HDD locked in a Contract for specific hold durations.

Contracts are secured and managed 100% on-chain using a Smart Coin Contract coded in CLVM (the on-chain programming language used by HDDcoin).

HDDcoin Online Store

Accepting HDD for Purchases

The Online Store has launched.

All merch is currently ON SALE during our Grand Opening / Holiday promotion. Go grab your favorite items quickly while this offer lasts.

The default Store payment method is HDD. All the major Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal are also accepted.

HDDcoin NFT Marketplace

Buy and Sell non-fungible tokens

HDDcoin is working on an NFT Marketplace.

This will offer our community, artists and investors the opportunity to buy and sell unique digital assets from art, audio/music, videos and other digital files, to entire virtual worlds, while using the HDDcoin blockchain to record public proof of ownership.

What is HDDcoin?

HDDcoin is an eco-friendly decentralization blockchain based on the Proof of Space and Time (PoST) consensus. It maintains network robustness, in line with Satoshi Nakamoto’s principles.

Miners and Mining in Bitcoin terms is synonymous with Farmers and Farming in HDDcoin terms.

Farming HDDcoin does not consume significant amounts of electricity, and utilizes hard drive space, instead of specialized computing hardware that most Proof of Work (PoW) consensus blockchains have come to demand. Moreover, since electrical energy costs for running hard drives is very minimal, due to this low cost of entry, HDDcoin will remain more decentralized and fair, and thus more secure than any Proof of Stake cryptocurrency.

HDDcoin uses the powerful and secure Chialisp language for Smart Contracts, and supports digital money, global payments and applications.

HDDcoin core values include green cryptocurrency, long term value, building for the future, strength in community, and maintaining a huge team to ensure long term development.

The goal of HDDcoin is to reshape the global financial system through the power of the blockchain technology, powered by thousands of nodes maintained by the community, and with transparency and a commitment to the environment — thereby taking control from any central entity, person or organization, and giving that control back to the community.

When Mainnet?

Mainnet launched on July 8th 2021

Installation instructions are provided on our Github page.

How do I join HDDcoin?

Join the HDDcoin community via our Discord chat Server, our members will help you with every step of the way and there is so much more than just our friendly and helpful members; for example contests, memes, hardware discussions, coin trading and announcements.

Coin Specs

  • Cryptocurrency coin: HDD
  • Lowest denomination: Bytes
  • Target blocks per 24 hours: 4608
  • Farmed rewards per block: 2 HDD
  • Rewards halving period: 3 years
  • Pre-farmed: 3,500,000 HDD

What is Co-farming plots?

HDDcoin uses the same plot format as Chia™ who pioneered the Proof of Space Time consensus, allowing you to farm plots created for Chia™ or other blockchains using the same plot format for the HDDcoin blockchain.

Plots are storage space allocated on your Hard Disk Drives for farming.

Sharing the same plots to secure multiple Proof of Space Time blockchains is called co-farming and is another way that HDDcoin is eco-friendly, there is no need to generate plots for HDDcoin specifically, your existing Chia™ work right out of the box.

Block Rewards
0 blocks
Blocks (target) per day
0 years
Halving period

Why pre-farm HDD?

3.5 Million HDD coins were minted at the very start of the blockchain and put in the developers wallet. Their use is to support the blockchain’s success, development and survival.

HDD coins from the wallet will be used to cover various costs to maintain the blockchain including the following:

  • The HDDcoin blockchain requires special powerful computers called Timelords.
  • Marketing to attract and maintain participation in the blockchain.
  • Exchange listings & liquidity pools (Decentralized Finance).
  • Developer grants to build out Smart Contracts, and tools for the blockchain.