Frequently Asked Questions


I made my plots using Chia, or MadMax for Chia. Will those work with HDDcoin?

Yes, as long as you are using the same mnemonic seed that you used with Chia, they will work fine.

I made NFT plots with Chia and am pooling with those plots, will they work with HDDcoin?

Yes, those will work fine. To farm those plots on HDDcoin, just add them to your regular plot directories. You cannot use the Pool function yet.

Just be aware that NFT plots will only receive 0.25 HDD rewards. In order to recover the remaining 1.75 HDD reward, you have to wait a week from the win, and then use the recovery tool at

I added my existing plots to HDDcoin, but I am getting "not found plots". Why?

You must use the same mnemonic seed that you used when the plots were created, for example the mnemonic seed of Chia™ if the plots were created via the Chia™ software.

If I have created plots using the HDDcoin application, can I use those on other Proof of Space and Time coins?

Yes. If you use the same mnemonic seed for the other coins that you used for HDDcoin. We are generally in the realm of Chia™ forks here.  If you plot using HDDcoin, you can only use those plots in Chia™, for example, if you create a Chia™ wallet using your HDDcoin mnemonic. If you start out plotting for HDD and then expand to other forks of Chia™, this would work fine. If you start by plotting for Chia™, then you would instead want to use your Chia™ mnemonic in HDDcoin and any other fork to create the wallet.


Can I farm with plots made for Chia™?

Yes. You can farm with plots made for Chia™ or you can plot directly using HDD’s GUI or CLI. If you are co-farming Chia plots on HDD, you will need to use the same mnemonic seed in HDDcoin that you used for Chia™.

Can I farm using both OG (solo plots) and NFT (pooling plots)?

Yes. You can farm using OG and NFT plots either alone or concurrently.

I am farming with NFT plots. Why am I only receiving 0.25 HDD per block win, where is the other 1.75 HDD?

NFT plots are made to be farmed in pools where the pool is allocated ⅞ of the block reward and the farmer is given ⅛ of the block reward. Don’t worry, if you are solo farming your NFT plots on HDDcoin, you can access the missing ⅞ reward after one week using the tool available on

Do I need to do anything with port forwarding and my router in order to successfully farm HDDcoin?

We recommend that you turn on port forwarding for port 28444. While it is not strictly necessary for farming, it will help to ensure that we have a strong and stable blockchain as it will help you connect to other nodes and visa-versa.

It seems that I am not connected to any peers/nodes. What can I do?

You can manually add them in. If you are on the GUI, start by going to the Full Node tab, then scroll down to Connections section and click the “Connect to Other Peers” button to the right.

For the address / host, enter any of the following:

  • / Port: 28444
  • / Port: 28444

I am connected but not synced and it has been a while. What can I do?

If you installed your HDDcoin client before July 16th 2021, you may still be on the old SSL. If your HDDcoin client:

  1. Is constantly showing Not Synced, but yet you can farm other coins.
  2. Has been stuck at a particular height for a few days now.
  3. Is continuously trying to sync to peers on port 8444 (Chia’s port), and to heights over 900,000 (Chia’s height).

Then you are definitely on the old SSL.  Please update to the correct SSL by following the instructions in this web page,

Note that just installing the latest version of HDDcoin application will not update your SSL (if you happen to be on the old SSL). The process to swap SSL is manual for now.

I looked in my log file and I saw that I found a proof, but I did not win a block. Why?

First of all, congratulations on finding a proof, that is getting you most of the way there. In order to win a block your proof needs to reach a timelord with the result during the block creation. It generally needs to happen within 30 seconds. If you fall outside that window, the likelihood of winning is very small.

I have installed HDDcoin on Linux, what CLI command do I use to start farming?

cd hddcoin-blockchain
. ./activate
hddcoin start farmer

I am running everything from CLI, do I need to run a timelord?

No, there is no need to run a timelord.

will start up all that you need. It starts the

  • full_node
  • farmer
  • harvester
  • wallet

I’m unable to sync and am connected to nodes on port 8444, what does this mean and how do I resolve this issue?

That means you are using old SSL cert, please update the SSL cert by following the SSL update procedure here:

Where can I download an up-to-date blockchain database?

You can find it here:

It is also available at the bottom of the download section, here:

I’ve gone passed my Estimated Time to Win (ETW) and still haven’t won a block, why?

The ETW is just a statistical average. Like tossing a coin, the odds are 50/50, however it’s possible to get multiple heads in a row. The same applies to your ETW and losing/winning streaks. If the FullNode and Wallet are synced, please search your debug.log for “WARNING  Looking up qualities on”, this warning could indicate problems with your setup. If you find this, please join our discord and you will receive support.

When installing HDDcoin on Windows, it displays a warning about running unsigned software. Is it safe?

Yes. To ensure the safety of your PC, only download HDDcoin software from official sources, here:


I sent some HDDcoin to a friend and they say that they haven’t received it. Why?

Sometimes this is a matter of wallets not being properly synced.  Please confirm that your friend’s wallet is synced. 

If their wallet is not synced, the transaction will still process, but they just won’t see it until you are properly synced.

Alternatively, you can check the the wallet transaction here on the blockchain explorer:

My wallet is not synced. It hasn’t been synced in a while. Why?

First just try restarting the client. This is not a common issue. If restarting the HDDcoin doesn’t work, you can always delete your wallet database. You can find it in .hddcoin/mainnet/wallet/db. Close the program, remove the files, restart HDDcoin and it will sync from zero.

What is a cold wallet and do I need one?

A cold wallet is a wallet that’s been created in an isolated manner, solely for long term storage of crypto. It’s used to add an additional layer of safety to your crypto holdings. The idea being that the key you used to create your plots is potentially compromised because you’ve given it out to pools, other clients etc. You then funnel all your rewards from this potentially compromised key to a safe key that’s never been exposed.

How can I make a cold wallet?

In order to make a HDDcoin cold wallet you first need to start with an uncompromised computer. Top 3 ways to do this are:

  1. A computer that’s never had anything to do with crypto.
  2. A VM on your computer.
  3. Your computer. All three of which require them to be disconnected from the internet while creating the wallet. Prior to going offline, download the HDDcoin blockchain client, but don’t install it.

Once you’re on your uncompromised computer and are offline (ideally not connected to LAN either), install the HDDcoin client.

Create your new key and make note of both your mnemonic and key, do not save them to your PC, write them down on a piece of paper or print it. Then go to your wallet and make a note of your wallet address, don’t worry about it not syncing because you’re offline, you don’t need it to sync.

Now for a quick test run.

Delete your wallet and key from the HDDcoin client and rebuild it using your mnemonic, then check that your key is correct. This is just to make sure you’ve copied it correctly.

Now, delete all traces of this wallet and key from the computer. Make sure to delete the associated wallet db file from your .hddcoin folder too, it’ll have the key in it’s name.

  • Linux: ~/.hddcoin/mainnet/wallet/db
  • Windows:  %systemdrive%Users%username%.hddcoinmainnetwalletdb

The way you use it is you send all your HDDcoin to the wallet address you made a note of, you can monitor the transactions and balance on the wallet address by entering it into a block explorer, like:

You can also make it so that all your HDDcoin is paid directly into your safe wallet. In the client, go to Farm and use the options in the top right, Manage Farming Rewards. Now replace those addresses with the wallet address you copied down when you created your cold wallet. Now, any HDDcoin you win will go straight to your cold wallet instead. If you’re using Linux, edit your config.yaml, search for “hddcoin_target_address”, you should have two hits. Replace both of those with your cold wallet key.

When you want to access your HDD in the cold wallet, you go through the initial steps again, rebuild your wallet from your mnemonic, but this time allow it to fully sync. This will them let you transfer your funds. By doing this, should you end up using a malicious client or a pool gets hacked or whatever, even if they can recreate your key, the wallet will be empty as all your funds are in your cold wallet!


How do I enroll in the HODL program?

The enrollment procedure uses the normal HDDcoin user interfaces you are familiar with. Click the Enroll Now buttons for the term of your choice for directions on how to start getting some sweet HODL rewards!

I don't see HODL option in my application. Where do I find it?

Only the HDDcoin version 2.0.0 (and above) supports HDDcoin HODL. If you are interested in enrolling in HODL but are still on a version of HDDcoin prior to v2.0.0, you will need to update your Client.

What if I change my mind? Can I leave the program before my Contract term ends?

No problem. You can easily cancel the Contract and have 100% of your original deposit returned to your wallet. There is no penalty; however, you will give up your reward payment in full (we do not offer partial term rewards).

Although you can exit the Contract at anytime, only you are able to do this before your term elapses. HDDcoin cannot exit the Contract for you before the term elapses.

Are my Coins safe? How do I know I will get them back?

Contracted Coins remain in your custody (they are NOT given to HDDcoin).

Can I spend the Coins after I lock them?

No. Contracted Coins are locked into the Contract for as long as the Contract is active — they cannot be spent like regular Coins in your Standard Wallet without exiting the Contract, or until the Contract term ends.

When will my locked Coins be released? Do I need to do anthing to release them after the Contract term?

At the end of the Contract term, your Original Coins held will be automatically released back to your Standard Wallet, and can therefore be spent. At the same time, your Reward Coins will be deposited into your Wallet. Both you and HDDcoin can trigger this Release action. Note that HDDcoin will perform this Release action automatically.

Where are the reward payments coming from?

HODL rewards are paid from reserved pre-farm funds. We have enough pre-farm funds to cover five years of the HODL program.

What’s in it for HDDcoin? Why are you doing this?

We believe in HDDcoin. We are in this for the long haul and we want to build up our HDDcoin community.  By encouraging our HDDcoin holders to lock in for period of time, we can promote stability and ensure long-term viability of the coin.

Online Store

Why am I not receiving my Order Confirmation emails?

Confirmation emails are arriving in the Junk/Spam folder for some email servers.

After placing your order, please check your Junk/Spam folder in case the confirmation does not show up in your Inbox.

We recommend adding to your address book to ensure future emails are delivered to your Inbox. We are working to resolve this issue.

Why don't I see my Country's Currency in the Currency Switcher?

Only two currencies are enabled at this time — HDD and $USD. More currencies will be enabled soon, including the option to pay in your local currency.

Please note that it is still possible to pay with HDD even when currency is set in $USD. If you complete your order this way, we will convert your $USD invoiced amount to the equivalent HDD amount when we send over your Payment Note.

Why don't I see the option to pay by Credit / Debit Card?

The Credit/Debit Card and PayPal payment gateways are not available for HDD currency. Please switch currency to $USD if you do not wish to pay in HDD.

Please note that unlike the Credit/Debit Card payment options, PayPal payment option is still visible when currency is set to HDD. The following error is seen in this case: ”Error processing checkout. Please try again”. Please switch currency to $USD to pay with PayPal.

Why does it take so long to process my Order?

Order processing and fulfillment time before shipping is currently around 7 business days. As we hire more staff to operate the HDDcoin Store, this timeline will improve.