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HDDcoin HODL Program

HDDcoin HODL is a special program, planned for Q4 2021, as per our Road Map. This program will allow Coin Holders to earn rewards on HDD locked in a Smart Contract for a specific hold duration.

It is specially designed to build the HDDcoin community by encouraging members to hold their Coins for longer periods of time, giving these members the opportunity to increase their investment. Our goal is to enhance stability in our currency while at the same time encouraging growth.

Contracts are secured and managed 100% on-chain using a Smart Coin/Contract coded in CLVM (the on-chain programming language used by HDDcoin).

HODL Rewards are funded from the HDDcoin pre-farm, with funds reserved for at least 5 years of the HODL program to benefit the community. This is one of the reasons we have a pre-farm!

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HDDcoin is an eco-friendly decentralization blockchain, inspired by Chia, and based on the Proof of Space and Time consensus that maintains network robustness, in line with Satoshi Nakamoto’s principles.

We are reshaping the global financial system through the power of blockchain technology, powered by thousands of nodes maintained by the community, and with transparency and commitment to the environment.

Our Roadmap will take us from a TestNet and MainNet launch to Netspace growth, to getting listed on top-tier Exchanges to special programs and release of applications to run on the HDDcoin blockchain.

You can install HDDcoin via the provided binary installers for your operating system, or directly from the source code. Please only download and install HDDcoin from the official sources — our Website or GitHub repository.

HDDcoin uses the same plot format as Chia™ who pioneered the Proof of Space Time consensus, allowing you to farm plots created for Chia™ or other blockchains using the same plot format for the HDDcoin blockchain.

We have partnered with one of the most highly respected names in crypto-pooling, Foxy-Pool (OG), to offer our farmers the opportunity to farm our coin as a member of a reputable pool. Only OG plots are supported.


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