The latest released version of HDDcoin is v3.0.0 (build number: 3.0.0).

You can install HDDcoin via the provided binary installers, or directly from the source code.

Please only download and install HDDcoin via our GitHub repository as this is the only official source.

Binary installers for HDDcoin 3.0.0

Binary installers are provided for your convenience (view the HDDcoin releases on GitHub).

System Platform Executable Download
Microsoft Windows Windows EXE installer
Linux DEB (Ubuntu / Debian) Linux DEB installer
Linux RPM (RedHat / CentOS) Linux RPM installer
Apple macOS macOS DMG installer

NOTE: at this stage, our macOS binaries are not yet signed by an Apple certificate, so you will need to use the workaround here to run HDDcoin on macOS. This will be fixed in the future.

Source code installation

You may also choose to build directly from our GitHub source.

Instructions for how to do so as well as troubleshooting guidance are available on our Wiki pages.

Node information

HDDcoin should automatically connect to the network, facilitated by WebSocket and DNS-based introducers, but for your reference, here are some nodes that we are running for the network to help you connect.

HDDcoin’s main network port is TCP 28444. Check out our Discord for more guidance.

Node type Node address Port Server Location
WebSocket Introducer 28444 Various
DNS Introducer 28444 Various
Full Node + Introducer 28444 United States
Full Node 28444 United States
Full Node + Time Lord 28444 United States
Full Node + Introducer 28444 Germany (Munich)
Full Node + Introducer 28444 Singapore (Singapore)
Full Node + Introducer 28444 India (Bangalore)
Full Node + Introducer 28444 Netherlands (Amsterdam)

HDDcoin Blockchain Database

Download the latest version of our Blockchain database file, then follow these steps to utilize the downloaded database:

  1. Stop the HDDcoin application, and ensure any associated processes are closed.
  2. Navigate to the blockchain db directory and replace the current db file with the downloaded version.
    Location on Windows ==> %systemdrive%\Users\%username%\.hddcoin\mainnet\db
    Location on Linux ==> ~/.hddcoin/mainnet/db
  3. Start HDDcoin application.