We have partnered with one of the most highly respected names in crypto-pooling, Foxy-Pool, to offer our farmers the opportunity to farm our coin as a member of a reputable pool. Now you can receive a guaranteed amount of HDD daily based on your Earning Capacity (or farm size estimated by your submission of partials).

There are several help resources available to support the HDDcoin pool, including the following:


What is the difference between the official [HDDcoin] client application for solo-farming, and the modified [HDDcoin + FoxyPool] client application for OG pool-farming? Is the modified application safe?

The [HDDcoin + FoxyPool] client is the same as the [HDDcoin] client, with some augmentations made by Foxy-Pool to the former in order to enable OG pooling. The [HDDcoin + FoxyPool] client is safe, and is as effective as the official [HDDcoin] client.

Does the pool support NFT plots?

The pool client application supports solo-farming for NFT plots, but does not support pooling while farming with NFT plots. FoxyPool (OG) is an OG pool, which utilizes a pool public key. NFT plots do not have a pool public key, but instead have a pool contract address, and are therefore not supported.

I have both OG and NFT plots. Can I still join the pool? Do I need to install the two applications and farm the plots separately (NFT plots with the official client and OG plots with the Foxy-Pool client)?

While this is an OG pool, please note that if you do have both OG and NFT plots, you’re still welcome to install the pool-farming application and join Foxy-Pool HDDcoin (OG), in which case, you would be pool-farming with your OG plots and solo-farming with your NFT plots simultaneously — so there would be no need to use two separate Clients.

After configuring my client to join the pool, I still cannot check my pool-farming status on the “My Farmer” tab of the Foxy OG dashboard. Why is this?

Your client must submit a partial proof before your pool public key will show up on the “My Farmer” tab of the Foxy OG dashboard. Do a search in your debug.log for “proofs. Time:” to see if you’ve submitted partial proofs or not.

After joining the pool, I am seeing a lot of proofs, but not getting rewards. Why is this?

What you are seeing may be partials, and not regular proofs. These partials are sent by the pool server to your Client in order to calculate your Earning Capacity (EC). This is normal operation.

What is EC?

EC stands for Earning Capacity. It is measured by the amount of partials your node has sent to the pool in the past 24 hours. Simply put, it will take roughly 24 hours for your EC to be within 20% of your RC (real capacity), also known as TC (total capacity), which is what your client shows – the total amount of space your plots take up. The EC number will fluctuate, generally up to 20% up and down while you are farming. This is normal.

After joining the pool, my EC is showing a lot less than the actual total capacity of my plots. Why is this?

Please give the system up to 24-48 hours after joining to pull to calculate and display a more accurate EC. But note that it is normal for your EC to fluctuate up to 20% up and down while you are farming.