Q2 2021
TestNet Launch
Launch HDDcoin blockchain to TestNet

Launch the HDDcoin blockchain private TestNet.

Q3 2021
MainNet Launch
Launch HDDcoin to MainNet

Launch the HDDcoin blockchain public MainNet.

Q3 2021
Achieve 500 PiB in Netspace
Grow the HDDcoin Netspace up to 500 PiB

Continue to grow the HDDcoin community and number of active farmers to achieve 500 PiB in blockchain Netspace.

Q4 2021
Top 30 Exchange Listing
Get HDD Trading Pair listed on a Top-30 Exchange

List at least one popular crypto trading pair (HDD/USDT) on a Top-30 Exchange.

Q4 2021
Launch HODL Special Program
Start the HDD HODL program

Launch the Special Program, HDD HODL, which will allow traders and investors to earn interest on HDD locked in a smart contract for a specific hold duration.

Q1 2022
Online Hardware Store Partnership
Allow purhases of Hard Disks and other Hardware with HDD

As our first use case, partner with an Online Store to accept HDD as payment for equipment utilized by Farmers, including Hard Disks.

Q1 2022
Top-10 Exchange Listing
Get HDD Trading Pair listed on a Top-10 Exchange

List at least three popular crypto trading pairs (HDD/BTC, HDD/ETH and HDD/USDT) on a Top-10 Exchange.

Q2 2022
Launch Blockchain applications
Release applications running on the HDDcoin blockchain

Launch NFT and financial applications running on the HDDcoin blockchain.