HDDcoin 1.2.5 Release

On August 28, 2021, we released HDDcoin version 1.2.5 (build number 1.2.5-dev2 / 1.2.52). We are excited about this new release and encourage everyone to install or upgrade to this version. Please note that the CLI will show this version as 1.2.5-dev2. The GUI will display the version as 1.2.5 on Linux, 1.2.5.dev2 on MacOS, […]

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HDDcoin Compensation Model

In our previous Blog Post, we described how our update roll-out resulted in instability in the HDDcoin network, and a situation where many farmers ended up creating blocks on orphaned chains, such that the blocks were not incorporated in the HDDcoin blockchain. This present Post describes the compensation model that has been adopted by HDDcoin […]

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