HDDcoin 1.2.9 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of the HDDcoin Blockchain application version 1.2.9.

With this release, we updated HDDcoin from v1.2.6 to v1.2.9 — incorporating all upstream Chia v1.2.7 to v1.2.9 updates, improvements and fixes. We encourage all farmers still on the older version to please update to this new release at their earliest convenience.

Head over to our Download page, or the GitHub repository release page for update instructions. Special thanks to everyone who jumped in on short notice to test this application update, while still in beta.

Changes made in v1.2.9 include the following:

  1. Improved Plot load mechanism by adding plot memo caching in PlotManager which speeds up initial loading and cached loading.
  2. Made max message size configurable in config.yaml to resolve issue with very large farms reporting plot information that exceeds the maximum message size.
  3. Added a config option for peer_connect_timeout.
  4. Made various CoinStore benchmark and performance improvements.
  5. Improved log formatting.
  6. Added support for decentralized identity solution.
  7. Fixed many installer issues and Python 3.9 errors.
  8. Added many new translations.
  9. Various updates to support upcoming features, including:
    • Adding RPC updates to support keyring migration and to support adding a passphrase for wallets in an upcoming release.
    • Adding macOS keyring.yaml support, migrating keys from macOS Keychain to keyring.yaml to support an upcoming release which will add an optional passphrase to wallets.
    • Making many full node changes to support the upcoming Asset Token standard and standalone light wallet, which will use a new electrum-style protocol to enable faster wallet syncing.
  10. Updated the version of many dependencies, including the following:
    • Bumping sortedcontainers to version 2.4.0, clvm_rs to 0.1.14, blspy to 1.0.6.
    • Updating some hooks: flake8 to 3.9.2, pre-commit-hooks to 4.0.1, black to 21.8b0

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