HDDcoin Farmers’ Compensation for SSL Certificate Update


On Saturday July 17th at 8am CST an update was started to replace the SSL certificate of HDDcoin.

The original HDDcoin SSL certificate was a duplicate of the one used by Chia and other forks and was causing increasingly bigger disruptions in the HDDcoin farming software.

The update was well tested, but the execution ran into trouble due to two reasons:

  • The number of farmers making the switch to the new certificate was less than was anticipated.
  • Due to the complexity in the steps required, a subgroup of HDDcoin farmers were unable to do the update correctly.

The result was a split blockchain that caused instability in the HDDcoin network and the creation of orphaned chains. Consequently, many farmers ended up creating blocks on these orphaned chains, such that the blocks were not incorporated in the HDDcoin blockchain. 

While it is 100% correct that orphaned blocks don’t count, we recognize that many farmers temporarily saw these blocks as legitimately won, only to get reversed with time.

On Monday, the 19th of July at midnight CST, this was resolved and the HDDcoin network has been stable since.

We understand the inconvenience this caused to HDDcoin farmers and we set out to compensate the farmers in a fair way. This was challenging as the 2.5 days of network instability had an imperfect record on the blockchain, but with the help of data specialist @russ we created the model that will be discussed in our next Blog Post.

This model outputs HDD compensation amounts for each individual farmer — an amount that will be transferred to every farmer’s wallet directly from our treasury, without any interaction needed by the farmer — a gradual process that is expected to take up to 48 hours (starting July 27th).

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