Windows CLI Instructions for HODL

# Step 1: Open a PowerShell terminal

# Step 2: Make a convenient reference for the hddcoin executable

Set-Alias hddcoin $env:LocalAppDatahddcoin-blockchainapp-1.2.11resourcesapp.asar.unpackeddaemonhddcoin.exe

# Step 3: Check out what HODL programs are currently available

hddcoin hodl programs

# Step 4: List your wallet balances and fingerprints.

this will let you know what funds you have available to commit to the on-chain HODL contract.

this will also show you “fingerprint” of the wallet you want to use

hddcoin wallet show

# Step 5 (Optional): Access the help text on how to commit funds to an on-chain HODL contract.

hddcoin hodl commit -h

# Step 6: Execute your HODL Contract.

(Substitute in your appropriate values for the variables in bold — example given at end of instructions)

hddcoin hodl commit -P program_name -f wallet_fingerprint -a amount_to_commit

# Step 7: Validate your HODL contract balance, using the standard wallet view command.

NOTE: Please be patient. This can take up to a minute before your balances are reflected on the blockchain and shown in your wallet overview.

hddcoin wallet show

# Step 8: Get more detail on all your HODL contracts.

hddcoin hodl show

# Example Command for Step 6 (to execute HODL Contract)

hddcoin hodl commit -P PROMO-12M24 -f 1234567890 -a 250