HDDcoin old SSL Check


On July 16th 2021, at on 1:00PM GMT / 8:00AM CST, we implemented a patch that changed out HDDcoin Blockchain SSL certificates in order to prevent invalid peers from connecting to HDDcoin farmers and causing frequent, or even constant sync issues.

The correct HDDcoin full node port number is 28444. Other ports used by HDDcoin include Farmer port number (28447) and Wallet port number (28449). If you are on the correct SSL, all external peers connected to your node should only have port number of 28444.

Therefore, if you are seeing external peer connections with port numbers other than 28444, then you are farming with an incorrect SSL in your client. These incorrect HDDcoin ports include 8444, 8744, 4348, 5444, 6899, 7444, 8804, 8333, 8443, 8644, 11444 and 26482.

From our last count, over 1000 farmers who installed HDDcoin before this patch date are yet to swap their old SSL for the new one. If you are one of these farmers, please migrate to the new SSL by following the instructions here –> https://hddcoin.org/sslupdate.

Updating your application to the latest version while still on the old SSL will not automatically update the SSL, neither will it help you overcome all the issues faced with the old SSL. And since you will mostly be out of sync, win rates will be extremely low compared to your farm size. Also, joining a pool while on the old SSL will result in your Earning Capacity being extremely low… In short, you will always be at a huge disadvantage sticking with the old SSL, so why would you?

To verify if you are still on the old SSL, check the properties of your client’s SSL file, “hddcoin_ca.crt“. If it shows the following details, then you are on the old SSL:

  • Valid from: 1/23/2021 to 1/21/2031
  • Serial Number = 5c8a71239328650eb9fef85cec32bf779ca6a0c5

You can find your “hddcoin_ca.crt” file in the following location:

  • On Linux, navigate to ~/.hddcoin/mainnet/config/ssl/ca
  • On Windows, navigate to %systemdrive%\Users\%username%\.hddcoin\mainnet\config\ssl\caconfig\ssl\ca

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