Minor Code Fix for v1.2.6


We have released a minor code fix which address two issues that were the primary challenge for new farmers coming on board after they install and launch HDDcoin for the first time.

  • Issue 1: Fixed issue with Daemon not initializing when running the Windows GUI application for the first time. Users had to previously close the application stuck at the spinning wheel and re-launch to proceed (after which they will be faced with Issue-2).
  • Issue 2: Fixed issue with Introducer, so farmer installing for the first time and running the GUI will now find peers automatically. Some Users previously had to manually enter nodes to start the first Sync, especially on Windows GUI.

This is not a mandatory update for current farmers, but it might be worth updating to this newer release, especially if you are running the Windows GUI and experiencing sync issues after you restart the application. Please note that the version number has not changed on GitHub.

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